Gensco Laboratories is an innovator in pharmaceutical products and the development of patented drug delivery systems. As a healthcare partner, the company is in continual pursuit of novel and effective therapies that improve health. Gensco Laboratories is a FDA regulated and licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer dedicated to developing "Next Generation" solutions in healthcare.

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SpeedGel Rx® is a prescription homeopathic topical analgesic gel that provides relief of pain and inflammation utilizing a patented Isopeutic Transdermal Technology.

The Gensco patented transdermal drug delivery system used in SpeedGel Rx® carries scientifically formulated active ingredients, proven to relieve pain and inflammation, to the affected site.

  • Launched March 2012
  • Next generation, higher potency
  • Available by prescription only
  • Odorless, no hot or cold sensation (amber in color)
  • Gensco's unique metered dose technology (MDose™) dispenses the exact amount of medication (0.25 mL per pump) per application 
  • Non-Narcotic, Non-Addictive, Non-NSAID
  • No known drug interactions or adverse side effects

Next Generation analgesic with greater strength that contains 14 active ingredients
(including Zingiber Officinale)

Metered 0.25ml dose

SpeedGel Rx Size 10ml NDC 35781-0210-1
0.33 fl oz. (10ml) equivalent to 40 doses.
3-4 times daily or as directed by a physician.

SpeedGel Rx Size 30ml NDC 35781-0210-2
1.01 fl oz. (30ml) equivalent to 120 doses.
3-4 times daily or as directed by a physician.

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